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The Galvashield® XP range of embedded galvanic anode units utilize an innovative zinc anode core design surrounded by an enhanced formulated cement-based mortar to provide corrosion mitigation to reinforced concrete structures. The anode units are alkali-activated (Type 1A) with an internal pH of 14 to keep the zinc active over the life of the anode while being non-corrosive to reinforcing steel. The anode units utilize 2G Technology™ to provide higher current output. Once installed, the zinc anode corrodes preferentially to the adjacent reinforcingsteel, thereby providing galvanic corrosion prevention or corrosion control.


  • Proven technology: Galvashield anodes have an extensive 10+ year track record in the field and have received British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval
  • Type 1A anode: alkali-activated to maintain activity of zinc while being non-corrosive to reinforcing steel
  • 2G Technology™: provides enhanced current output and protection
  • Cast zinc core: provides high anode utilization in addition to a secure long-term connection between the zinc and the lead wires
  • Integral steel lead wires allow for quick and convenient anode installation and provide dependable steel-to-steel contact with no intermediate materials such as galvanizing (which can corrode over time), which may compromise the long-term electrical connection
  • BarFit™ design: grooved edges on Galvashield XP2 and XP4 anode units assist with secure anode placement
  • Economical: provides localized protection where it is needed the most, at the interface of the repair and the remaining contaminated concrete
  • Versatile: can be used for both conventionally reinforced and pre-stressed or post-tensioned concrete
  • Low maintenance: requires no external power source or system monitoring
  • Long lasting: 10 to 20 year service life, reduces the need for future repairs


  • Galvashield® XP - 20 units per box - 5,22 kg
  • Galvashield® XPT - 30 units per box - 5,81 kg
  • Galvashield® XP2 - 20 units per box - 6,35 kg
  • Galvashield® XP4 - 20 units per box - 8,62 kg
  • Galvashield Embedding Mortar - Bag of 5,00 kg

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